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Fast New Smile is one of the largest and fastest growing dental implant clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. With two successful office and several world renowned specialists, they have become a well know destination for full mouth dental implant procedures.


After less than a year with another marketing agency, our client returned for help with their digital marketing strategy. Prior to working with us, they had seen some success through the various marketing channels but the quality of the results were lacking.

They wanted to increase their brand awareness and gain quality leads consistently. For social media specifically, we implemented a strategy that covered both organic and paid channels. While paid advertising is critical to reaching new audiences for both brand awareness and conversion, organic methods are a valuable part of the user journey and helps further cultivate brand trust and consideration, essential components especially in a healthcare-related space.


Our client competes with a number of stiff competitors in the dental implant space who dedicate substantial marketing budgets through a number of channels, social media included. The battle ground for brand recognition and lead generation is highly competitive, but there is also a lot of interest and a great need in general in this space. We were up for the challenge and were ready to implement a multi-level social media marketing strategy to support the client’s goals that would also set the client up as the trusted expert they are.

Data Tracking

With the depth of this client’s marketing in play, it was critical to establish where the leads were coming from, not only for the client but also for our team to determine what strategies are delivering the best results. The journey for a user to convert in this space can range drastically, from an immediate request for a free consultation to months of research and exploration before pulling the trigger to convert. Taking this into consideration, we implemented multi-layer tracking in each of the respective marketing channels, as well as in the backend of the website.


Our Social Media marketing team developed a strategy that involved:

  • A consistent, ongoing SM calendar to promote brand trust
  • Frequent management of the SM profiles to promote brand engagement and trust
  • Brand awareness SM ads
  • Lead generation SM ads
  • SM ad testing—audience targeting, remarketing, creative assets, geographical

The strategic combination of both organic and paid initiatives resulted in a significant lift in brand awareness, trust, and growth on their social channels, in addition to a steady stream of quality lead conversions.



Increase in Page Likes
Facebook Audience Growth
Audience size for both the Facebook and Instagram company profiles maintained an upward trend in growth, adding new followers to each page consistently over this seven-month time frame.
Increase in Instagram followers
Instagram Audience Growth
Organic (not paid) engagement increased throughout this period of time, which ties into the increase of brand trust for the client within their audience and “fan” base, which is a vital part of the overall social media marketing strategy.
Increase in Facebook Engagement

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