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TABCOnTheFly started working with Digital Mob close to the inception of their business and used the internet as their primary method of marketing and advertising. Digital Mob helped optimize the design of the website and create the digital marketing plan for the business. Through a 6 year partnership with Digital Mob, TABCOnTheFly has grown from 700 website visitors a month to over 30,000 website visitors a month and is the top online TABC Certification provider in Texas and consistently shows in the top 4 organic search results in Google and Bing.

Executive Summary:

Even with multiple obstacles preventing a fully search engine optimized website; such as a website with 90% of the user content behind a web-based client portal, restrictive website coding preventing many modifications, and limited online advertising budget; Digital Mob was able to use focused on-page content optimization, well-researched page titles and meta description & keyword tags, and innovative content writing through blog posting, to raise the keyword rankings for the 30 most relevant, high traffic keywords* from showing in the 6-7th page of search results to showing in the top 8 search results on the first page of Google. launched in 2012 and began their partnership with Digital Mob in 2013. When the client came to us, their website was receiving less than 500 unique visitors each month, with less than 20% coming from organic search results, and the majority of visitors to the website were existing customers.


After completing a thorough analysis of the website and the company’s online presence, our team decided on a targeted approach using curated blog content and ensuring that all of the existing public content on the website utilized the most relevant high-traffic keywords.

On-Page Optimizations:

During our initial analysis of the website, we found that even though the website contained over 120 webpages, only 17 of those webpages were accessible to the public and Google’s web crawlers. We did not have much content to work with initially, but we spent time creating the most relevant page titles and reorganizing the content on the page to have relevant headings and subheadings. After optimizing the content on each of these pages, we ensured that the meta descriptions and keyword tags included the most relevant keywords using our predetermined keyword research.

Blog Post Content Writing:

While we worked on optimizing the existing pages on the website, we also focused on finding areas of the website where we could add additional content. Since the client did not want to add many extra pages to the main website, our team created a blog for the website and a blog posting topic schedule focused around the keywords we identified in our keyword research. The client wrote content for us to optimize and publish to the blog and through publishing blog posts 5-6 times a month for their industry, the number of visitors coming to the website from search engines through the blog posts increased significantly over the first 9 months of our partnership and continued to grow.


Website Visits
Results: Over a two and a half year period traffic to the website increased to over 16,000 visitors a month, with over 4,000 visitors resulting from organic search traffic. ​45% of the search engine traffic to the site came in through two of the webpages on the main website that Digital Mob created and optimized, while 25% of the search engine traffic came from various blog posts. The majority of the remaining 30% of search engine traffic came in through the homepage which Digital Mob redesigned and optimized.

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